Operational guidance for National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry

Operational guidance on the National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry (NES-PF) for councils on compliance monitoring, monitoring charges, administration, processing resource consents, and things that don't come under the NES-PF.

Fixing charges for monitoring

The NES-PF allows councils to set charges for monitoring certain plantation forestry activities:

  • earthworks
  • river crossings
  • forestry quarries
  • harvesting.

This guide summarises the process councils must follow and things to think about when setting monitoring charges.

Monitoring charges guidance [PDF, 68 KB]

Risk-based monitoring

Under the NES-PF, plantation forestry activities are often permitted where permitted activity conditions are complied with.

This guidance explains how councils can take a risk-based approach to monitoring compliance of plantation forestry activities under the NES-PF.

Risk-based monitoring guidance [PDF, 216 KB]

Administration and compliance

This guidance covers administrative and management requirements under the NES-PF for councils and foresters, including:

  • general administration – suggestions for templates, checklists and how to manage NES-PF correspondence
  • providing and receiving written notice of plantation forestry activities
  • management plans – preparing, requesting, reviewing, and auditing
  • important concepts for interpreting the regulations (such as setbacks and water quality standards).

Administration and compliance guidance [PDF, 460 KB]

Template for notice of activities

A template is available that foresters can use to provide written notice of plantation forestry activities to councils (to meet NES-PF requirements). Foresters and councils may use this template and adapt it to their needs. It covers the information required and timeframes for each type of notice.

Processing resource consents

This guidance covers:

  • when resource consent may be required under the NES-PF
  • how to process resource consents (controlled, restricted discretionary, and discretionary consents)
  • practical advice on preparing appropriate consent conditions
  • how to bundle applications.

Processing resource consents guidance [PDF, 327 KB]

Activities and effects not under the NES-PF

It's important you understand what is and isn't regulated under the NES-PF.

This guidance explains the scope of the NES-PF, with a list of some activities and effects that aren't covered under the regulations.

Activities and effects not under the NES-PF [PDF, 93 KB]

Other guidance

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