New Zealand Avocados Go Global

The New Zealand Avocados Go Global programme seeks to increase the productivity and capability within the avocado industry to deliver significant additional returns for New Zealand.

The challenge

Making New Zealand a premium avocado supplier.

The New Zealand avocado industry’s biggest challenge is low and irregular bearing of fruit, which creates inconsistencies with supply of avocados for sale domestically and for export.

Another challenge is New Zealand’s reliance on a single export market—Australia.

The solution

The programme intends to deliver best practice across the value chain, transferred through a network of innovation leaders, rural professionals and growers to achieve widespread adoption, driven by examples of success.

The programme will have a strong focus on knowledge sharing across the avocado industry and will develop an information portal to strengthen the flow of information and assist in increasing the performance and efficiency of the avocado supply chain.  It will also enable the industry to benchmark their performance.

The programme aims to place New Zealand’s avocado industry in a position to respond to the domestic demand for premium, safe, and healthy produce, but also position New Zealand as the avocado supplier of choice in Asian markets by gaining an early foothold, and a “first mover” advantage in those markets.

This will be assisted by a unified marketing strategy, based on market research undertaken as part of the programme, which creates a point of difference for New Zealand avocados.

The avocado industry will be transformed to an efficient, well-informed, and highly capable industry, supplying premium health food to a number of high-value markets domestically and internationally.

Outcome Logic Model


Key facts

Programme start: June 2014
Length: 7 years
PGP funding: $5.4 million
Industry funding: $5.96 million
Crown funding paid out to programme for work done to 30 June 2019: $3,774,300
Commercial partners: NZ Avocado Industry Ltd
Estimated potential economic benefits to NZ: The Go Global programme’s vision is to equip the industry with the tools to triple productivity to 12 tonnes per hectare and quadruple industry returns to $280 million per annum by 2023.

Progress review summary report (December 2016)

Programme progress review – summary report [PDF, 898 KB]

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