Completed Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) programmes

Browse a list of completed Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) programmes.

PGP closed to new applications

The PGP funding programme has been replaced by Sustainable Food & Fibre (SFF) Futures.

Investments to boost productivity

PGP programmes are primarily business-led and market-driven innovation programmes. They aim to boost productivity and value across the primary industry value chain – from producer to consumer.

As at 16 October 2019, there are 17 PGP programmes underway, and 9 completed programmes.

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Completed PGP programmes


STIMBR – stakeholders in methyl bromide reduction


Seed and Nutritional Technology Development

Marbled grass-fed beef

Clearview Innovations



Transforming the Dairy Value Chain

Whai Hua – new dairy products and value chains

New Zealand Sheep Industry Transformation Project (NZSTX)


Stump to Pump – forest waste to liquid biofuels

Steepland Harvesting

Honey production

High-performance mānuka plantations



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