Completed SFF Futures projects: aquaculture

A list of completed aquaculture projects.

Commercial seaweed aquaculture to reduce agricultural methane emissions

Project start: 5 November 2019
Project completed: 9 December 2020
MPI funding: $100,000
Industry funding: $150,000
Industry partner: Cawthron Institute
Region: Nationwide

This project aimed to substantially reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions through a seaweed-based cattle feed supplement. Cawthron Institute is continuing to research the lifecycle of Asparagopsis seaweed to inform the development of an early proof-of-concept of the production systems needed to develop the feed supplement at pilot-scale.

Building a resilient future for New Zealand oyster aquaculture

Project start: 15 October 2019
Project completed: 20 April 2020
MPI funding: $45,000
Industry funding: $15,000
Industry partner: AquacultureNZ
Region: Northland

The resilience of the oyster industry is challenged by the seasonal supply of spat (juvenile oysters). This project developed a business case to establish a commercial-scale oyster hatchery and nursery that would provide a strong foundation for sustainable growth of the oyster industry in New Zealand.

Brown seaweed for a blue economy

Project start: 10 August 2019
Project completed: 3 February 2021
MPI funding:$325,600
Industry funding: $488,400
Industry partner: Waikaitu Ltd
Region: Marlborough

This project aimed to transform New Zealand Undaria seaweed, Undaria pinnatifida, from a costly mussel-industry pest to a sustainable, high value global market resource. A pilot plant was established and a feasibility study was conducted, which concluded that this is a feasible industry for future development and growth.

Wakame Fresh – Project Wakatipu

Project start: 20 May 2019
Project completed: 19 December 2019
MPI funding: $75,200
Industry funding: $114,182
Industry partner: Wakame Fresh Ltd
Region: Waikato

Project Whakatiputipu aimed to demonstrate the commercial viability of harvesting, processing and exporting edible seaweed products into Japan. They conducted a feasibility study, including planning and finalising an approach to trial export of samples of wakame for market research.

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