Completed SFF Futures projects: other biological products

A list of completed projects for other biological products.


Hieracium biocontrol

Project start: 5 March 2020
Project completed: 15 January 2021
MPI funding: $103,000
Industry funding: $19,991
Industry partner: Hieracium Biocontrol Group, Landcare Research New Zealand Limited
Region: Nationwide

This project assessed the success of biocontrol agents for Hieracium weed that were introduced 20 years ago. Two of the 5 biocontrol agents previously imported are spreading well. However, there is no evidence that Hieracium densities have reduced, except in areas where land management initiatives such as fertiliser application and irrigation have favoured productive species.

A novel approach to probiotics for production animals

Project start: 23 October 2019
Project completed: 5 October 2020
MPI funding: $24,000
Industry funding: $41,900
Industry partner: BioBrew
Region: Nationwide

BioBrew aimed to demonstrate the efficacy of probiotics for lambing to provide farmers with a means to reduce the use of anthelmintics (antiparasitic drugs), while maintaining production and profitability.

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