SFF Futures projects: alternative proteins

The projects are listed according to their start dates. The latest project is at the top.

Development of a farmers’ handbook for best practice snail farming in New Zealand

Project start: 15 March 2021
Project length: 3 years
MPI funding: $69,993.20
Industry funding: $38,192.80
Industry partners: Aroha Snails New Zealand Limited
Region: Waikato

This project is trialling snail farming in the Waikato. It will trial 2 methods commonly used overseas. The insights will inform the development of a farmer’s handbook outlining best practice snail farming in a New Zealand context. As a result, landowners will be able to evaluate the feasibility of snail farming as a potential low-input, sustainable and environmentally friendly land-use alternative.

Leaf Protein Research and Development Programme

Project start: 16 November 2020
Project length: 5 years
MPI funding: $8,000,000
Industry funding: $12,000,000
Industry partner: Leaft Foods
Region: Canterbury

The programme aims to launch a new leaf protein concentrate industry in New Zealand. It expands on early trials to extract edible protein ingredients from green leafy crops, for use in a range of food products. As a co-product, it will make a high-quality silage feed for farming operations. This will reduce the environmental impact of existing animal-based farming systems.

Redefining great food: more plants on more plates for more people (and a better planet)

Project start: 24 February 2020
Project length: 2 years
MPI funding: $147,000
Industry funding: $214,000
Industry partner: Food Nation
Region: Canterbury

Food Nation is working in partnership with New Zealand producers to develop a diverse range of plant-based food (including fungi and algae) options that are nutritious and sustainable.

Piloting scaled spirulina production

Project start: 3 December 2019
Project length: 2 years
MPI funding: $260,000
Industry funding: $457,717
Industry partner: NZ Algae Innovations Ltd
Region: Manawatu-Whanganui

NZ Algae Innovations is piloting scaled spirulina production, which could lead to an algal protein sector being established in New Zealand. The project will develop a new business model so modular production units can be replicated in potential growing regions across New Zealand.

Supporting spirulina farming - YouTube

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