How to apply for SFF Futures funding

There are 3 steps you should take before you apply for SFF Futures funding. Applications can be made at any time.

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Step 1: Check your project is eligible

To be eligible for SFF Futures funding, your project must:

  • relate to an eligible sector or industry
  • provide sustainable benefits to New Zealand
  • go beyond “business as usual”
  • be co-funded
  • be consistent with New Zealand's international obligations and trade policies.

Download our guidelines for more information.

Guidelines for Applicants [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Download our guidance brochure for a quick overview of the application process.

SFF Futures snapshot guidance brochure [PDF, 295 KB]

If your project is eligible

Go to step 2 and check your proposal against our assessment criteria.

If your project isn’t eligible

There are options available from other Crown funding agencies.

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise: Provides services and support to businesses looking to go global by helping them build capability, boost global reach, connect to other businesses, and invest in growth. NZTE also connects investors with opportunities in New Zealand through a network of investment advisors.

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

Callaghan Innovation: Partners with businesses of all sizes. Delivers innovation and R&D services to suit each stage of their growth, including R&D co-funding.

Callaghan Innovation

Step 2: Check your proposal against our assessment criteria

Proposals are assessed against 9 criteria to decide whether applicants qualify for funding, and how much they may receive. We need robust information and as much as evidence possible.

The SFF Futures assessment criteria are:

  • sustainable benefits to New Zealand
  • innovation
  • beyond business as usual
  • the fit with relevant strategies
  • adoption and extension/path to market
  • ability to deliver
  • governance
  • risk identification and mitigation
  • budget.

These are discussed in our page on the SFF Futures assessment criteria.

SFF Futures assessment criteria

You will need to be able to show the potential benefits of the project for:

  • your business
  • the wider industry
  • the general community.
Step 3: Get in touch with MPI

If you think your project meets our eligibility and assessment criteria, get in touch to discuss your project and find out more.

We’ll help you work out whether your project is a good fit for SFF Futures, and if it is we’ll invite you to submit an application. If the total cost of your project is $2 million or more, you’ll also need to provide an outcome logic model. Logic models are narrative or graphical depictions of a process, showing the activities that need to happen to achieve a specific result. Logic models link the problem (situation), the intervention (inputs and outputs), and the impact (outcome).

While we can’t help with the writing of your application, we are more than happy to discuss your idea.

Applications can be made at any time.

Phone: 0800 00 83 33

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