Guidance on transitioning to the NES-PF

Guidance on how the National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry (NES-PF) regulations work, and how they relate to existing plans and consents. Find out how to align your plans or existing forestry activities with the NES-PF.

Overview of how the regulations work

This guidance document is a good place to start to understand how the NES-PF works. It outlines:

  • the plantation forestry activities the NES-PF applies to
  • how the regulations work
  • risk management tools in the regulations.

The guidance is for both councils and foresters.

Overview of how the regulations work [PDF, 245 KB]

The NES-PF – existing consents and existing use rights

Learn how the NES-PF affects existing plantation forestry activities that either:

  • rely on existing resource consents, or
  • previously didn't require resource consent (because they rely on existing use rights or were permitted under the relevant plans).

Some activities will be unaffected by the NES-PF until their current authorisations expire. Others will need to comply with the NES-PF regulations, either immediately or by 1 November 2018 (6 months after the NES-PF comes into force).

This guidance is for both councils and foresters.

Existing consents and use rights guidance [PDF, 114 KB]

Plan alignment

The Resource Management Act (RMA) requires councils to identify and remove duplication or conflict between plan rules and the NES-PF. This must be done as soon as practicable after the date the NES-PF comes into force (1 May 2018) and can be done without using the RMA Schedule 1 process for changing plans.

This guidance for councils is on how to align their plans with the NES-PF and provides examples of rules that duplicate or conflict with the NES-PF.

Plan alignment guidance [PDF, 609 KB]

Where plan rules may be more stringent

Councils need to assess whether they have plan rules that are more stringent than the NES-PF and, if so, whether these meet the requirements of Regulation 6 of the NES-PF. This regulation states where plan rules may be more stringent than the NES-PF.

This guidance and examples of rules that would meet the requirements of Regulation 6, help councils and foresters determine when a more stringent rule prevails over the NES-PF.

Guidance on where plan rules may be more stringent [PDF, 191 KB]

Other guidance

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