Farmers and HGP responsibilities

If you are a farmer using hormonal growth promotants (HGPs), or purchasing HGP treated cattle, find out your responsibilities under the HGP Regulated Control Scheme (RCS).

What you need to know

In New Zealand, the use of HGPs implanted into bovine animals is strictly controlled through the HGP Regulated Control Scheme (RCS). You need to be familiar with your full legal obligations under the HGP RCS.

Farmer responsibilities

If you are a farmer, you need to:

  • make sure you have received an Animal Status Declaration (ASD) for stock purchased, or when stock is included in the purchase of property as a going concern
  • check previous ASD details – if ASDs for stock you have purchased indicate that stock has been treated with HGP, you must declare it as HGP treated when sold or processed.
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