New Zealand Food Safety | Haumaru Kai Aotearoa

Leading our food safety system. Protecting consumers.

New Zealand Food Safety (Haumaru Kai Aotearoa) ensures systems are in place to support businesses to make safe and suitable food – for New Zealand and our export markets.

Use the 'My Food Rules' tool to get the plan or programme for your business under the Food Act 2014.

Food safety at home

Food safety at home

Tips and advice to prevent you and your family from getting sick from food.

food safety at your business

Food safety for businesses

Information, rules, codes, standards, plans, and programmes for makers and sellers of food.

Starting a food business

Starting a food business?

The steps and rules you'll need to follow to make sure you're making and selling safe and suitable food.

Food Recall

Food recalls

Everything you need to know, including the latest recalled products.

RMPs by food product

RMPs by food product

Risk management programmes (RMPs) for different types of food.

registers and lists

Registers and lists

Registers and lists that are related to food safety or food businesses.


Food consultations

Consultations on food safety that are open for public submissions.

Exporting food

Exporting food

The steps to follow for different types of food.

importing food

Importing food

How to import food and make sure it's safe to eat.