Fresh fruit and vegetables

All food and food-related products imported for personal use or sale must meet New Zealand standards and requirements. MPI's role is to help make sure imported fresh fruit, fungi, herbs, and vegetables are correctly labelled, safe to eat, and free from pests and harmful organisms.


Import health standards are changing

27 May 2019 update

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has completed a review of all fresh fruit and vegetable import health standards. This includes Import Health Standard (IHS) 152.02: Importation and Clearance of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables for Human Consumption. As part of the review, MPI has transferred all existing country:commodity IHSs to new format commodity standards. MPI has converted all fresh fruit and vegetable schedules in IHS 152.02 and individual 'country:commodity' standards to the new format.

In early June, MPI will be undertaking a 10-day public engagement with all interested parties. A page on this website will list the 121 new format commodity standards, the draft guidance document, and a risk management proposal which outlines the purpose and scope of the engagement will be available on this website. MPI encourages anyone interested in importing fresh fruit and vegetables to:

  • consider the readability of the new IHS format and the guidance document
  • submit feedback.

The exact dates for the engagement (which will be held for 10 working days) will be noted on the web page when published. If you would like to receive a notification on the day this page is published, you can sign up to MPI’s subscription service. Select the topic 'Email update topics' and choose 'Plant imports' from the list.

After the engagement

At the end of the engagement period, MPI will review all submissions received. If no major amendments to the new IHS format are required as a result of feedback, MPI will formally issue the 121 commodity IHSs as “final” in July. At the same time, MPI will revoke Import Health Standard 152.02: Importation and Clearance of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables for Human Consumption and 99 individual ‘country:commodity’ Import Health Standards.

Importer responsibilities

'Food' includes ingredients and anything to be mixed or added to food. No food can be sold if it is unsafe, unfit for human consumption, or contaminated. Food importers have legal obligations under the:

  • Biosecurity Act 1993
  • Food Act 2014 and related legislation
  • Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code
  • other legislation made under the Food Act.

Importers must also meet other New Zealand food standards, including the Importing Food Notice.

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