Proposals to improve cost recovery in MPI's food system

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Contact: Cost Recovery


13 February 2019 – Cabinet paper released

Proposals to improve cost recovery in MPI's food system:

MPI is consulting on 11 proposals to improve cost recovery arrangements in the food system.

  • Seven of the proposals are fee updates to ensure the amount we recover continues to reflect the costs of providing the services.
  • Three proposals are to simplify current cost recovery arrangements, improve transparency, and ensure equitable distribution of costs.
  • The remaining proposal is for several minor and technical changes to current cost recovery arrangements.

Consultation opens on 15 November and closes at 5pm on 20 December 2018 (or 16 January 2019 with prior agreement).

What's being proposed?

Check our summary of the 11 proposals with references to relevant pages in the consultation document.

summary of 11 proposals

The diagram summarises the 11 proposals set out in the consultation document with the relevant page numbers from the document.

Major proposals

Decrease the base hourly rate for 127 fees in Animal Products, Animal Welfare, Food, Wine and ACVM Acts

Decrease current rate of $155 per hour to $135 per hour.  See pages 13 to 17.

Increase the circuit verification hourly rate

Increase current rate of $165 per hour to $176 per hour. See pages 43 to 48.

Other proposals

Trade name product

Reduce fees to:

  • $67.50 plus $135/hr after the first half hour for pre-screening (currently $540 flat fee)
  • $405 for registrations (currently $540).

See pages 18 to 24.

Dairy processor levies and dairy exporter levies

Reduce annual levies to:

  • $400 for small dairy processors (currently $465)
  • $200 for small exporters (currently $310).

Remove the medium dairy processor category.
See pages 54 to 58.

Official Assurance for animal products/materials and non-live animals

Align the fee rate to $135 per hour by:

  • increasing the first quarter hour fee to $33.75 (an increase of $1.75)
  • reducing the hourly rate after the first quarter hour by $20 per hour.

See pages 28 to 32.

Animal Products Act and Animal Welfare Act

Align fixed fees with correct hourly rate ($186.30 per hour).
Increase fees to:

  • $46.58 per live animals/germplasm official assurances (currently $32)
  • $46.58 per animal welfare export certificate (currently $21.33).

See pages 33 to 37.

Animal Products Act

Update 20 live animal and germplasm export charges (increases and decreases).
See pages 38 to 42.

Animal Products Act

Clarify that official device approvals cover applications to be an approved manufacturer or supplier (aligned to fee rate of $135 per hour). See pages 25 to 27.

ACVM Act and Wine Act

Simplify the process for amending levies (no financial implications). See pages 49 to 51.


Clarify the levy provisions (no financial implications). See pages 52 to 53.

Animal Products Act

Minor technical amendments for standalone dairy storage and export approved premises, MPI’s market access services, infant formula export declarations and levies. See pages 59 to 62.

Consultation document

Making your submission

Email your feedback on the consultation document by 5pm on 20 December 2018 (or 16 January 2019 with prior agreement) to

We encourage you to use the submission template to prepare your submission:

While we prefer email, you can post your submission to:
Cost Recovery
Ministry for Primary Industries
PO Box 2526
Wellington 6140
New Zealand.

Make sure you tell us in your submission:

  • the title of the consultation document
  • your name and title
  • your organisation's name (if you are submitting on behalf of an organisation, and whether your submission represents the whole organisation or a section of it)
  • your contact details (such as phone number, address, and email).

Submissions are public information

Note, that any submission you make becomes public information. People can ask for copies of submissions under the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA). The OIA says we have to make submissions available unless we have a good reason for withholding it.  That is explained in sections 6 and 9 of the OIA.

Tell us if you think there are grounds to withhold specific information in your submission. Reasons might include that it's commercially sensitive or it's personal information. However, any decision MPI makes to withhold information can be reviewed by the Ombudsman, who may tell us to release it.

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