Apples to the Russian Federation - ineligible production sites

Sites that are ineligible to produce apples to be exported to the Russian Federation.

Last updated: 10 May 2019

RPINMangement area/blockVariety CodeEligible for Russian FederationRemoval from programme date
R1005C     N 2/07/2018
R1007     N 28/03/2018
R1325A   039 N 9/07/2018
R1325B     N 1/03/2018
R1332A     N 28/05/2018
R1367B     N 28/05/2018
R1752     N 28/03/2018
R2535     N 5/03/2018
R1478     N 26/03/2019
R1735     N 10/05/2019
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