Apples to China – packhouses

Packhouses that are authorised to handle apples to be exported to China.

Last updated: 25 February 2019

Packhouse nameRegionAlpha codeEligible from
Camelot Fresh Fruit Company Ltd (Raupare Road) Hastings A502 1/02/2019
Cederman Bros Ltd Motueka BX 23/01/2019
Central Organics Central Otago PD Pending
Coastal Packers Limited Motueka CF 1/02/2019
Compass Fruit Ltd Nelson CH 1/02/2019
Crasborn Fresh Harvest Ltd Hawkes Bay CJ 23/01/2019
Crasborn Fresh Harvest Ltd Hawkes Bay CP 23/01/2019
Crasborn Fresh Harvest Ltd Hawkes Bay CD 23/01/2019
Crasborn Fresh Harvest Ltd  Hawkes Bay FV 23/01/2019
Dames Ltd Hawkes Bay BU 23/01/2019
Darlings Fruit Ltd Central Otago CM 1/02/2019
DV & JB James Partnership Motueka ED 23/01/2019
Fairfield Orchards Ltd Moteuka FF 23/01/2019
Freshco - Frupak Hawkes Bay DG 23/01/2019
Freshco - Wakes Hawkes Bay ER 23/01/2019
Golden Bay Fruit 2008 Ltd Motueka BO 23/01/2019
Golden Bay Fruit 2008 Ltd Motueka DX 23/01/2019
Golden Bay Fruit 2008 Ltd Motueka GF 21/02/2019
Golden Oak Orchard Packhouse Hawkes Bay CI 1/02/2019
Green Planet Ltd Hawkes Bay MH 23/01/2019
Johnny Appleseed Holdings Ltd - St Georges Road South Hawkes Bay YY 1/02/2019
JR's Orchards Ltd Wairarapa EG 23/01/2019
K & F McLean Nelson FH 1/02/2019
Kaiaponi Farms Ltd Gisborne EI 1/02/2019
Kelston Orchards Ltd Hawkes Bay EO 23/01/2019
Malbec Orchards Ltd Hawkes Bay CW 23/01/2019
Midland Packers Ltd Motueka DT 23/01/2019
Moana Orchards Nelson FJ 1/02/2019
Moffett Orchards Ltd Hawkes Bay ME Pending
Mr Apple NZ Ltd - Havelock Hawkes Bay MT 23/01/2019
Mr Apple NZ Ltd - Longlands Hawkes Bay LL 23/01/2019
Mr Apple NZ Ltd - Waipawa Hawkes Bay DR 23/01/2019
Mr Apple NZ Ltd - Whakatu Hawkes Bay MS 23/01/2019
Mt Erin Ltd Hawkes Bay HO 1/02/2019
Omahuri Orchard Hawkes Bay FT 23/01/2019
Rockit Packing Co Ltd Hawkes Bay RA 23/01/2019
Silvan Orchards Ltd Hawkes Bay GT 23/01/2019
Sunfruit Pack and Cool Hamilton Ltd  Waikato JN 1/02/2019
Sunfruit Pack and Cool Hawkes Bay Ltd Hawkes Bay SF 1/02/2019
T&G West Hawkes Bay OB 1/02/2019
T&G Nayland Rd Packhouse Nelson OP 1/02/2019
T&G Pipfruit East - ENZAPAK  Hawkes Bay TG 1/02/2019
Taylor Corporation 1995 Ltd Hawkes Bay A7  1/02/2019
Thawley Orchard Motueka HJ 23/01/2019
The Fresh Fruit Company of Nelson Ltd (Freshco Nelson) Nelson FO 1/02/2019
Thomas Bros  Ltd Motueka CS 23/01/2019
Thomas Bros  Ltd Motueka HL 23/01/2019
Tollemache Orchards Ltd Hawkes Bay HM 1/02/2019
Tyrella Orchards Ltd Motueka HR 23/01/2019
Wratten Orchards Ltd Motueka IO 23/01/2019
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