Potato exporters and their subagents

List of registered exporters of potatoes.

All exporter registrations expire on 31 October each year.

Note: For Taiwan agents and sub-agents may not participate in the programme – exporters must be fully registered as exporters.

Last updated 30 August 2019

Company nameLocationContact personDate added
ServiceFoods Auckland Harshad Tailor 18/09/2018
Produce Agencies Pukekohe Helen Marriner 15/10/2018
Set Sue Ltd Pukekohe Norman Sue 15/10/2018
South Seas Exports Auckland Nicole Metzger 1/11/2018
Bearsley Exports Napier Rob Hunt 30/10/2018
Primor Produce Pukekohe Clyton Marriner 24/10/2018
Wai Shing Pukekohe David Shortland 21/08/2018
Turners & Growers Fresh Limited Auckland Bobby Sharma 13/11/2018
Molloy Farms Pukekohe Marc Williams 16/11/2018
New Kor Exports Ltd Christchurch Ravnil Prasad 21/11/2018
Freshmax (NZ) Ltd Pukekohe Rainsford Horrocks 6/12/2018
Balle Brothers Exports Ltd Pukekohe Eamon Balle 21/01/2019
Cambridge Farms (NZ) Ltd Christchurch Naresh Pillay 28/02/2019
Grocers International NZ Ltd Auckland Sumesh Nand 26/08/2019
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