Country listings – European Union

Certain countries require exported animal products to be from an approved premises or operator. Find lists of approved premises and operators for exports to the EU.

Country requirements for animal product exports

Requirements for exported animal products to be from approved premises or operators are specified in the Overseas Market Access Requirements.

EU listings

The following lists of approved premises and operators for the EU are updated regularly. Individual premises or operators that apply for a listing or changes to their listing will be sent a letter of confirmation.

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EU-approved listings

The following lists are available on the EU country list website.

Human consumption (food)

  • Fishery products
  • Live bivalve molluscs - includes dispatch centres and production zones
  • Meat of domestic ungulates
  • Meat of farmed game - includes ratites (ostrich and emu)
  • Meat products
  • Minced meat, meat preparations, and mechanically separated meat
  • Raw milk, dairy products, colostrum, and colostrum-based products
  • Casings only: treated stomachs, bladders, and intestines
  • Wild game meat

Animal by-products

  • Blood and blood products, excluding equidae, for technical purposes other than animal feed
  • Dairy plants
  • Fertilisers and soil improvers
  • Game trophies plants
  • Other facility for collection or handling of animal by-products (unprocessed or untreated materials)
  • Petfood plants (including plants manufacturing dog chews and flavouring innards)
  • Plants or establishments manufacturing intermediate products
  • Processing plants
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Storage of derived products
MPI-approved listings
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