Apples to the Russian Federation – exporters

Companies authorised to export apples to the Russian Federation.

Last updated: 25 February 2021

Company name Contact person  Region
Aozora New Zealand Ltd Anthony Bruford Auckland
Bearsley Exports Ltd Danny Bearsley Hawkes Bay
Bostock New Zealand Ltd Lisa Arnold Hawkes Bay
Chestergrove Apples Limited Bruce and Kristina Mitchell Hawkes Bay
ENZAFRUIT New Zealand International Ltd Duncan Park Auckland
Exim Trading Global Pty Ltd Brad Senn Hawkes Bay
Fern Ridge Fresh Donna Miller Hawkes Bay
Fresh Produce Group NZ Ltd Caryl Combe Auckland
Freshmax Exports Ltd Greg Cassidy Hawkes Bay
Freshpro Conway Allchorne Auckland
Golden Bay Fruit 2008 Ltd Heath Wilkins Nelson
Heartland Fruit (NZ) Ltd Brendon  Osborn Nelson
Integrow Marketing Ltd Philip Bird Hawkes Bay
JP Exports Ltd Jason Jakkula Auckland
JR's Orchards Limited Jamiee Burns Wairarapa
Jimunited International Trading Co Ltd Leo Jing Wellington
Johnny Appleseed Holdings Ltd John Crocker Hawkes Bay
Magpie Apple Marketing Limited Lara Beckett Hawkes Bay
Malbec Orchards Limited  Oliver  Ryan Hawkes Bay
Mt Erin Group Ltd Vanessa Hawkes Bay
New Zealand Apple Ltd  Sue Bennett Hawkes Bay
Pickmee Fresh Limited John Altham Waikato
RD8 Fresh Produce Robert Quinn Auckland
Rockit Trading Company Ltd Sarah  Duncan Hawkes Bay
Taylorcorp Stephen Anderson Hawkes Bay
Te Mata Exports 2012 Limited Shayna Ward Hawkes Bay
The Fresh Fruit Company of NZ Ltd Glenn Pool Auckland
VFDirect N.Z. Ltd. Aarti Verma Auckland
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