Taking home your trophy or hide from New Zealand

Find out what you need to do if you want to take home an animal trophy or hide that you acquired in New Zealand.

Before exporting

Import requirements vary between countries. Before you export your trophy or hide from New Zealand, you’ll need to contact a local quarantine office in your own country. Discuss with them your intention to import trophies or hides from New Zealand. They will provide you with the import requirements and tell you what documentation is required from New Zealand.

Some countries – for example, those in the EU – require trophies to have been processed in approved premises before they can be imported. Other countries have particular processing requirements that have to be certified.

In most cases, all you will need is an export health certificate identifying New Zealand as the country of origin for each trophy or hide. MPI Verification Services are able to provide this certificate.

Some countries also require a CITES permit stating that the animal from which you have sourced the trophy or hide is not an endangered species listed with the Convention for International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). CITES permits are issued by the Department of Conservation (DOC). Find out more:

What information do I need?

Before you arrive in New Zealand, email the MPI Verification Services office in the region closest to your departing airport.

Your email should outline the following:

  • what you want to take home
  • the country you are going back to
  • your arrival and departure dates
  • the airport you’re flying out of
  • what paperwork your local quarantine office requires for importation
  • a copy of the import permit, if applicable

MPI Verification Services will send you an application form to complete. Once the form is completed and returned to Verification Services, we will be able to issue you with an export health certificate.

If time is tight

If your schedule is going to be tight when you leave New Zealand, you can submit your application form in advance. You can then confirm by phone what trophies you are taking once you have returned from your hunt and before you get to the Verification Services office. The certificate can then be prepared for you to pick up immediately. You will need to present the original signed form when you come to collect the completed certificate.

The export health certificate will need to be picked up from the Verification Services office located near either the Auckland or the Christchurch airport. It may be possible to pick up the certificate from another airport, but advanced notice is required to arrange this. There is an administration fee (cash only) for each certificate issued.

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