Smart, free-flowing information

Strategic Direction 3 aims to use data and information technologies to help manage biosecurity risk. Find out about how this will be achieved.

Helping manage risk

Biosecurity 2025's third strategic direction aims to make use of the large amounts of data available, build intelligence, and use powerful data analysis to support risk management. The Direction Statement has 3 goals to achieve this.


Information is shared and open wherever possible.

Effective use

We unlock the full value of information through the best data use and analysis.

Preparing for the future

We anticipate and take advantage of the ways that information technology will transform society, support participation, and enhance biosecurity effectiveness.

Outcomes – the end results

Each goal has outcomes that break down in more detail what the end results will look like. The outcomes for this strategic direction are on page 17 of the Direction Statement.

Download the Biosecurity 2025 Direction Statement [PDF, 5.1 MB]

Targets for 2025 – to drive action

To make sure the goals of the Direction Statement are achieved, the following targets were set for 2025.

  • A publicly-accessible network enables electronic access to organism data held by central government agencies, regional councils and Crown research institutes. Organism data, linked together from multiple sources and including information on species name, distribution and impact, is crucial to identify and manage biosecurity risks. 
  • Automated and targeted alerts about emerging risks are available to all participants across the biosecurity system.

Work plan

The work plan sets out the working group's view of what success would look like if the goals and outcomes are met, and the actions needed to deliver them.

Download the Work plan for Strategic Direction 3: Smart, free-flowing information [PDF, 1.1 MB]

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