Tomorrow's skills & assets

Strategic Direction 5 aims to have a capable and sustainable workforce and world-class infrastructure for the biosecurity system. Find out about how this will be achieved.

Workforce and infrastructure to support system

Biosecurity 2025's fifth strategic direction aims to ensure that the biosecurity system has:

  • a capable and sustainable workforce
  • world-class infrastructure (including laboratories, databases, IT systems, and policy).

The Direction Statement has 2 goals to achieve this.


The biosecurity workforce is made up of enough people, with the right knowledge and skills, to meet our current and future biosecurity challenges.


Robust, resilient and enduring infrastructure supports biosecurity system functions.

Outcomes – the end results

Each goal has outcomes that break down in more detail the end results will look like. The outcomes for this strategic direction are on page 21 of the Direction Statement.

Download the Biosecurity 2025 Direction Statement [PDF, 5.1 MB]

Target for 2025 – to drive action

To make sure the goals of the Direction Statement are achieved, a target for 2025 has been set.

  • At least 150,000 people with identified skills can be quickly drawn on to provide support during biosecurity incursions. This will be delivered by the National Biosecurity Capability Network or its successor.

Work plan

The work plan sets out the working group's view of what success would look like if the goals and outcomes are met, and the actions needed to deliver them.

Download the Work plan for Strategic Direction 5: Tomorrow’s skills and assets [PDF, 957 KB]

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