Registers and lists for pests and diseases

Registers and lists of pests and diseases, and organisations associated with identifying them.

New Zealand's position in regards to BSE [PDF, 193 KB]

Letter from the Director of Diagnostic and Surveillance services

Pests and diseases

Search organisms that can affect plant, animal or human health.

Unwanted organisms

Pests and diseases that could harm New Zealand if they arrived.

Notifiable organisms [PDF, 423 KB]

Pests and diseases that must be reported to MPI, if spotted in New Zealand.

Absence of specified animal diseases from New Zealand [PDF, 183 KB]

Animal diseases that are declared absent from New Zealand.

Country freedom status

Plant pests that are declared present or absent from New Zealand.

MPI identification service providers [PDF, 546 KB]

Find an MPI-approved lab for identifying suspected pests or diseases.

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