Report a pest or disease

What to do and what to expect if you think you've found an exotic pest or disease that hasn't been found here before.

Pest and disease hotline – 0800 80 99 66

Call MPI as soon as you've found something

Delay can make it harder for us to investigate.

Photograph it and catch it, if it's safe to do so

Photos will help the specialist interpret your finding. Photography tips:

  • place the finding against a white background 
  • include a common object for scale (such as a 10 cent piece)
  • use the default settings on your phone's camera
  • don't zoom in or add filters.

 What to expect when you phone the hotline

  • Our call centre staff:
    • will answer your call 
    • record your contact details and details of your finding
    • pass your details to a specialist
  • The specialist will:
    • contact you to discuss your finding
    • may ask you to send in photos.

Why we need you to report any new pests and diseases

Early detection of harmful new pests and diseases is a vital part of our biosecurity system. Every New Zealander has a responsibility to be vigilant for and report suspected new organisms.

We need you to be extra vigilant when coming home from overseas or opening international mail because these are common pathways for unwanted pests to enter New Zealand.  

MPI has a dedicated team of specialists to investigate and respond to all suspicious findings. 

It's the law

New Zealanders are expected to report unusual organisms to MPI. Unusual organisms are those that appear to be something not normally seen in New Zealand.

Notifiable organisms are those that could seriously harm New Zealand's primary production or our trade and market access. If you spot a notifiable organism, you have a legal obligation under the Biosecurity Act 1993 to tell MPI. If you think you've spotted one, call the pests-and-diseases hotline on 0800 80 99 66.

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