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Draft research report – How valuable is that plant species?

Consultation update – 26 October 2016

The final version of the report, How valuable is that plant species? Application of a method for enumerating the contribution of selected plant species to New Zealand's GDP has been published.

Background to consultation

MPI commissioned a research project to provide economic data that will better inform biosecurity risk analysis for plant pests. In addition to assisting with biosecurity risk assessment and risk management, the report may contribute to prioritisation of biosecurity resources across the system and assist with GIA discussions.

Calculating the value of plants

The draft research report calculated for the first time the contribution of 65 individual plant species to Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This was achieved by taking 2012 data, and calculating the value added to GDP at each stage of the marketing chain for each plant species – from nurseries to retail sales. The research providers (NZIER) consulted with industry representatives during preparation of the report and accessed a broad range of industry data which greatly assisted the economic calculations. The methodology and the applicability of the available data were reviewed by MPI economists.

Request for submissions

Given the broad scope of the project, accurate economic data was not available for all of the plant species studied. We therefore used this as an opportunity for interested industry participants to supply any additional data that might reduce some of the gaps and uncertainties in the data, as well as to provide comments on what we had captured so far.

After further feedback from industry was considered, a final version of the report was released in 2016.

Download draft NZIER report: How valuable is that plant species? [PDF, 3.4 MB]

How to make a submission

The closing date for comments was 13 November 2015.

Submissions are public information

Note that your submission is public information. Submissions may be the subject of requests for information under the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA). The OIA specifies that information is to be made available to requesters unless there are sufficient grounds for withholding it, as set out in the OIA.

Submitters may wish to indicate grounds for withholding specific information contained in their submission, such as the information is commercially sensitive or they wish personal information to be withheld. Any decision to withhold information requested under the OIA is reviewable by the Ombudsman.