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Emissions Reduction Plan

Update – May 2022

Emissions Reduction Plan released

Consultation on how Aotearoa New Zealand will meet its first emissions budget opened in October 2021 and closed on 24 November 2021. The process was led by the Ministry for the Environment (MfE)

The plan was released on 16 May 2022. Extra funding was announced as part of the plan's launch to support efforts to help farmers, growers, and whenua Māori owners to lower agriculture emissions.

Find out about the Emissions Reduction Plan – MfE

Emissions reduction support

Consultation outcome and summary of submissions received – MfE  

Background to this consultation

The Emissions Reduction Plan sets out how New Zealand will meet its first emissions budget (2022-2025) and set the path towards meeting our long-term climate targets. It is a key step in the country's transition to a low emissions future.

In May 2021, the Climate Change Commission delivered its advice to the Government outlining how New Zealand can reach its 2030 and 2050 emissions reduction targets under the Climate Change Response Act 2002.

Under the Act, the Government must prepare an economy-wide Emissions Reduction Plan. The plan sets out policies and strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) lead the development of policies for the agriculture and forestry sectors.

We asked for your comments

The Ministry for the Environment (MfE) lead overall consultation on the plan.

We wanted to hear your views on what should be included in the plan. We wanted to know if you thought:

  • those were the right types of policies
  • if they went far enough
  • something should be changed.

The consultation ran for 6 weeks from 13 October until 24 November 2021.

Consultation document

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