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Review of the Māui's dolphin portion of the Hector's and Maui's dolphin Threat Management Plan

Minister for Primary Industries has recently made decisions on the measures to manage fishing-related threats to the Māui’s dolphins on the West coast of the North Island (WCNI) as part of the review of the Māui’s dolphin portion of the Hector’s and Māui’s dolphin Threat Management Plan (TMP).

The TMP was originally developed in 2007 and that led to the introduction of a range of protection measures around New Zealand. This review process aimed to reassess management measures based on updated information on the Māui’s dolphin population, the human-induced threats they are exposed to, and their vulnerability to those threats.

Minister's decisions

Consultation documents

You can download the discussion document here:

Review of the Māui’s dolphin Threat Management Plan Consultation Paper [PDF, 12 MB]

The following sections of the discussion document can be downloaded separately here:

Relevant documents

Current information available about threats to Māui’s dolphins was presented to the expert panel at the Māui’s dolphin risk assessment workshop held in June 2012. The results of this workshop also informed the development of options, which DOC and MPI consulted on:

New information on Hector’s and Māui’s dolphins since the previous Threat Management Plan has been compiled: