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About the NPS-HPL consultation

The Ministry for Primary Industries and the Ministry for the Environment sought feedback on the proposed National Policy Statement for Highly Productive Land (NPS-HPL). Submissions closed on 10 October 2019.

The Government proposed a NPS-HPL to prevent the loss of more of our productive land and to promote its sustainable management.

Submissions received on the proposed NPS-HPL

A total of 250 submissions were received on the proposed NPS-HPL over the 8-week consultation. We received submissions from a range of stakeholders including councils, primary producers, industry organisations, businesses , individuals, iwi and other Māori organisations.

Submitters broadly fell into these groups:

  • individuals (66)
  • councils (48)
  • primary producers (47)
  • businesses (general) (36)
  • sector bodies (25)
  • non-government organisations (11)
  • government agencies (9)
  • iwi or other Māori organisations (8).

Submissions could be sent by email or by completing an online form. Some personal information in the submission files has been removed (redacted) at the request of submitters or to protect their privacy. 

Emailed submisisons

Online submissions