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Proposed chapter 4 of the Operational code petfood processing

Update – 15 February 2018

The 5 Chapters of the Operational Code: Petfood Processing have been combined into one document.

Background to consultation

The Petfood code of practice was written to give guidance on the currently agreed way to meet the regulatory requirements of MPI under the Animal Products Act 1999. However, the code is being rewritten because it's incomplete and out of date with the Animal products specifications for products intended for animal consumption notice 2014.

The new code is called Operational code petfood processing.

MPI sought feedback on the new chapter 4harvesting and processing of wild animals – of the new Code.

It's intended that this new chapter will replace the existing Part 2.2 called 'harvesting and processing of wild rabbits, hares, wallabies, possums, goats and deer'.

MPI also sought feedback on the related form Wild animal material supplier statement – petfood.

Consultation documents

  • Draft – Chapter 4, harvesting and processing of wild animals
  • Draft – Wild animal material supplier statement - petfood
  • Submissions template


Submissions are public information

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