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Review of regulatory controls for fisheries management for 1 October 2013

The Minister for Primary Industries will seek agreement to changes on fisheries regulatory measures for 1 October 2013. The Minister’s decision letter provides the details of, and reasons for, his recommendations.

In summary the Minister will seek agreement to:

  • amend various commercial fisheries regulations that control the taking, landing, transport, processing and sale of rock lobsters in the CRA 3, CRA 7 and CRA 8 rock lobster fisheries,
  • amend several amateur regulations relating to rock lobster in the Fiordland Marine Area,
  • make a decision on changes to the commercial access restrictions that apply in the PAU 5D fishery later this year, once further engagement between fishery participants has occurred and additional information has been gathered and analysed,
  • allow the use of commercial underwater breathing apparatus (UBA) in all sea cucumber (SCC 1A-9) and horse mussel (HOR 1-9) fisheries, and in the Chatham Islands kina (SUR 4) and paua (PAU 4) fisheries,
  • increase the minimum diameter for escape tubes required in commercial fyke nets that are used to take eels in the North and Chatham Islands,
  • defer a decision on a change to the minimum Annual Catch Entitlement holding requirement for South Island eel stocks,
  • approve the Maketu Taiāpure (Bay of Plenty) Management Committee’s recommendation to decrease the amateur daily bag limit for green-lipped mussel harvest from 50 to 25 per person per day, and
  • introduce a new destination type code for commercial fishers to use when completing statutory fishing returns.

Background Information

Earlier documentation on the regulatory review can be found below.

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