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Review of the aspirations for the food regulatory system

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In November 2019, the Australia New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation (the forum) endorsed a plan to reform the binational food regulation system to ensure it remains strong, robust, and agile into the future.

As part of the ambitious reform plan endorsed by the forum, a consultation paper entitled Aspirations for the food regulatory system has been released in Australia and New Zealand for submissions.

This work is specifically part of the first stage of the Review of the Intergovernmental Food Regulation Agreement, which is a food cooperation agreement between Australian jurisdictions only. The consultation paper should be read in this light. However, the work will also be of interest to New Zealand stakeholders as it will inform the collaborative food regulatory system reform work more broadly. As such, New Zealand stakeholders are invited to submit on this consultation. 

Note: This work is separate from the consultation for the planned reform aiming to identify areas of inconsistency in food regulatory approaches across jurisdictions (jurisdictional consistency).

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Making your submission

The consultation opened on 23 November 2020 and will close at midnight on 22 January 2021.

Information on the review and making submissions is on the Australian Department of Health’s consultation hub.

Background to the wider review of the food regulation system

New Zealand and Australia have a unique shared regulatory system that sees us jointly developing food composition and labelling policy and standards. This is based on the 1995 Food Treaty with Australia and has led to joint initiatives, such as our Health Star Rating System.

In addition to the review of the Australian jurisdictions’ Food Regulation Agreement, 3 other projects are being progressed under the ambitious plan which collectively reform the binational food regulatory system.

The review of jurisdictional consistency across the binational food regulation system is currently underway.

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Feedback has also been sought on a scoping paper for the FSANZ Act review. Submissions on the initial phase of that review closed on 16 November 2020.

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Next steps

You can keep informed about future consultations on the Food Regulation Australia website:

Food regulation in Australia and New Zealand

Who to contact

If you have any questions about this consultation or the broader reform agenda, or if you wish to subscribe for updates, email  

You may contact MPI directly with any questions on New Zealand’s role in the joint system, email

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