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Specifications for Products Intended for Animal Consumption 2014

MPI periodically asks for feedback on food safety issues that affect consumers and the food industry. You can make a submission (by post, email or fax) before the closing date. MPI analyses all submissions and considers how they might be included in final decisions.

The specifications for animal consumption are proposed to be amended. You are invited to comment on the proposals by Friday the 20th of June 2014.


Consultation letter [PDF, 255 KB]

Summary of amendments to the new draft Animal Consumption Specifications Notice May 2014 [PDF, 87 KB]

Specifications for Products Intended for Animal Consumption 2014 [PDF, 379 KB]

Landownder/Manager Poison Use Statement Petfood

AP61 Further (Petfood) Processors Listing [draft deleted to avoid confusion with final]

Farmed Mammal Supplier Statement - Petfood

Ante-mortem Examination Declaration - Petfood [PDF, 112 KB]

Wild Mammal Material Supplier Statement - Petfood [PDF, 68 KB]

Application to become an Approved Supplier - Petfood [PDF, 93 KB]

Harvesting Wild Animals for Petfood Training Booklet [PDF, 2.3 MB]

Animal Consumption Specifications Summary of submissions and MPI analysis [PDF, 61 KB]