OMAR notifications for animal products

Find overseas market access requirement (OMAR) notifications for your product or your destination market.

About OMAR notifications

Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMAR) notifications provide urgent product or country-specific requirements for animal products. OMAR notifications may apply to one or more markets. OMAR notifications that are specific to just one market should be read in conjunction with the OMAR for that market.

When an OMAR for a particular market is updated, the relevant OMAR notifications are incorporated. When an OMAR notification has been incorporated into an OMAR (or is no longer applicable), it is cancelled.

All current OMAR notifications are listed on this web page. They are also listed on the individual country/market OMAR pages.

OMAR notifications are password protected because they contain commercially sensitive information. If you are involved in exporting animal products, you can apply for access by completing this on-line application form.

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Current OMAR notifications


ID Subject Title Date of Issue

European Union: Composite Products [PDF, 270 KB]


Japan: Petfood


Japan: Container seals for meat and meat products


New Zealand honey exported to Japan


China: COVID-19 measures for exports



ID Subject Title Date of Issue

20/20 French Polynesia: Export of paua (New Zealand abalone)


European Union, Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Ukraine: Catch Certificates


Registration documents: Specified markets


Australia: Listing process for establishments processing chicken meat


Cross-border E-commerce Requirements for Specified Markets

20/008 Japan: Seafood certification 06/05/2020
20/004 Covid-19: Business continuity – veterinary supervision at certain meat export slaughter establishments 8/04/2020 
20/003 United States of America – receiving top 7 STEC N60 samples at registered laboratories 27/03/2020


ID Subject Title Date of Issue
19/035 New Caledonia: Onward Certification 18/11/2019
19/027 China: Meat and meat products halal 4/09/2019
19/019 Export Certificates: Specified Markets 9/07/2019
19/016 Republic of Yemen: All Animal Products 31/05/2019


ID Subject Title Date of Issue
18/023 New Caledonia: Fish Oil for Animal Consumption 7/12/2018
18/017 Animal Product from RMP Operations: Specified Markets 4/10/2018


ID Subject Title Date of Issue
17/039 Malaysia: Meat and Meat Products Halal Requirements 24/11/2017
17/032 UAE: Halal certification scheme for meat 27/09/2017
17/031 Japan Certification of Milk Products 18/09/2017
17/018 Alternative MPI certification 31/05/2017
17/006 Russia: Temporary suspension on import of beef and bovine offal 7/02/2017


ID Subject Title Date of Issue
16/032 Indonesia: Halal labelling of meat and meat products 18/11/2016
16/029 Indonesia: Meat Certification 20/10/2016
16/010 USA: Grade 'A' Dairy Product Exports 13/05/2016
16/008 Iceland: Export Certificates 5/05/2016


ID Subject Title Date of Issue
15/002 European Union: TRACES Pilot for Meat 23/01/2015


ID Subject Title Date of Issue
14/032 Commonwealth of Independent States: Animal Products 1/10/2014
14/005 European Union: TRACES Pilot for Seafood 15/04/2014


ID Subject Title Date of Issue
13/038 Indonesia: Products not intended for Food for Humans 9/10/2013
13/018 European Union and Ukraine: Catch Certificates 17/07/2013


ID Subject Title Date of Issue
11/011 Macedonia: Animal Products 17/06/2011


ID Subject Title Date of Issue
10/023 Albania: Animal Material & Animal Product 6/07/2010
10/015 Requirements for Cloned Animals [PDF, 61 KB] 11/05/2010


ID Subject Title Date of Issue
09/038 Switzerland: Animal Material & Animal Product 24/11/2009
09/028 Bovine Taenia saginata examination procedures: specified countries 20/07/2009
09/014 Dairy Products - Norway 11/03/2009


ID Subject Title Date of Issue
08/036 Imported Animal Product Inspection Requirements [PDF, 137 KB] 23/12/2008
08/035 Contaminant Requirements for Bee Products for Export [PDF, 159 KB] 19/12/2008
08/023 Japan: Additional Avian Clause for Petfood 11/09/2008
08/009 Laboratory Approval [PDF, 137 KB] 4/06/2008
08/003 Norway: Animal Material & Animal Products 19/03/2008


ID Subject Title Date of Issue
04/058 Bovine Tuberculosis: Revised Requirements 11/08/2004


ID Subject Title Date of Issue
02/124 Procedures for cattle from properties on the Taenia saginata disease surveillance Suspect List [PDF, 160 KB] 19/12/2002
02/105 Inspection Requirements for Rabbits, Hares and Possums [PDF, 225 KB] 8/11/2002
02/104 Operational Requirements for Rabbits, Hares and Possums [PDF, 136 KB] 8/11/2002
02/076 Export Certification: Cascade Type Meat Meal Driers [PDF, 118 KB] 2/08/2002
02/018 Meat Meal: Export Certification [PDF, 44 KB] 12/03/2002


ID Subject Title Date of Issue
01/198 Regulatory Requirements: Specifications Clarifications; Complaints and Appeals Procedure: Animal Products Act 1999 (APA) and Meat Act 1981 [PDF, 692 KB] 21/12/2001
01/172 Import of Foreign Animal Material and Animal Products and Return To New Zealand of New Zealand Animal Material and Animal Products For Domestic Use or Export. (Note: clauses 4 and 5 amended by 08/036) [PDF, 163 KB] 7/11/2001
01/152 Surveillance of Water [PDF, 27 KB] 1/10/2001
01/111 Circular 89/MQ/76: Surveillance of Potable Water in Meat & Game Export Premises [PDF, 23 KB] 11/07/2001


ID Subject Title Date of Issue
00/090 Labelling of Animal Materials and Animal Products [PDF, 115 KB] 25/07/2000


ID Subject Title Date of Issue
99/205 New Zealand Standard: Inspection and processing of Deer Pizzles, Tails, Sinews, Testicles and Velvet [PDF, 44 KB] 2/12/1999
99/190 General Requirements for the Export of Meat, Game, Poultry and their Products [PDF, 417 KB] 29/10/1999
99/125 Export of Crab, Paua and Kina - Biotoxin Requirements [PDF, 124 KB] 5/08/1999
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