Exporting grains, seeds, and nuts

New Zealand exports a variety of fresh and milled grains, seeds, and nuts for human consumption. MPI's role is to help exporters meet the phytosanitary requirements of overseas markets.

Your step-by-step guide to exporting grains, seeds, and nuts.
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Responsibilities of grain, seed, and nut exporters

Exporters of grains, seeds, and nuts for human consumption from New Zealand are responsible for:

  • meeting New Zealand's food safety requirements
  • meeting the destination country requirements, like phytosanitary, food safety, and quality grade requirements
  • keeping the right records.

Fees and charges may apply.

Who to contact

MPI uses authorised independent verification agencies (IVAs) to provide information for exporters including, destination country requirements, ePhyto requests and verification, phytosanitary inspection, and pest surveys.

If you have questions about phytosanitary requirements contact an IVA.

For other enquiries, email plantexports@mpi.govt.nz.

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