Country ISPM 15 requirements

ISPM 15 is an international standard for wood packaging. Find out whether the country or market you're exporting to requires your wood packaging to be ISPM 15 certified.


Importing countries may change requirements at any time without notice. Compliance with this information isn't a guarantee that your goods will be allowed into a country. Make sure you check all requirements with the destination country.

Countries or markets that need ISPM 15 certification

Wood packaging being exported to the following countries or markets must be debarked, treated and marked in accordance with ISPM 15. Note, some markets with additional requirements to ISPM 15 are linked so you can get more details.

PWill accept a phytosanitary certificate in lieu of the ISPM 15 mark.

Other country wood packaging requirements

Wood packaging requirements for all countries (including those that don't require ISPM 15) are available elsewhere on this website. 

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