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Find FYI documents for your product or destination market.

About FYI documents

For your information (FYI) documents provide guidance on exporting issues relating to animal products (such as meat, seafood, honey, and dairy), food products, plant products, and wine. They should be read in conjunction with the OMAR or ICPR (Importing Countries Phytosanitary Requirement) for the related destination market(s).

FYI documents let exporters know quickly about unofficial information that could affect exports. The information in an FYI is not a legal requirement. If you rely on the information in FYIs, MPI will not accept liability for any resulting loss.

All current FYIs are listed on this web page. FYIs for animal products, food products and wine are also listed on the relevant OMAR country/market pages.

FYIs are cancelled when they are superseded by another FYI or no longer apply.

List of cancelled FYIs

Publicly available FYIs

Some FYIs are publicly accessible and provide general market guidance on exporting issues for all exporters. Others provide specific guidance on exporting food products to key markets like China, USA, Canada, and Thailand.

Guidance on exporting to our main markets

Password-protected FYIs

Most FYIs are password protected because they contain commercially sensitive information. If you are involved in exporting animal products, you can apply for access by completing this online application form.

Application to view protected documents

List of current FYIs

F52/20 Halal certification for Saudi Arabia

F51/20 Indonesia Seafood Certification

F50/20 Philippines Paperless Certification

F49/20 New Zealand Honey exported to Japan

F48/20 Viet Nam Meat and Seafood Listings

F47/20 China: Meat Veterinary Signatories Matrix and Establishment Relationship Matrix Lists

F46/20 China Covid-19 import [PDF, 224 KB]

F44/20 European Union Seafood Certification

F43/20 El Salvador Dairy establishment listings

F42/20 Re-export of products supported by electronic certification

F41/20 Korea Pet food

F39/20 Halal certification of New Zealand meat exports to Egypt

F34/20 Mexico – Renewal of rendering premises listings

F31/20 Certification of Lipase to the European Union and the United Kingdom

F29/20 Possible coronavirus testing of meat and seafood products in China

F26/20 Japan JP600 Certificate for Milk and Milk Products

F25/20 Export Certification Withdrawn for Petfood and Rennet to Turkey

F24/20 Update on dairy exports to Brazil

F23/20 China Paperless Certification Pilot for Dairy Products

F22/20 Guatemala: Dairy establishment questionnaire and audit visit

F21/20 Dairy exports to El Salvador

F19/20 Mexico - Issuance of import permits during the COVID-19 response

F18/20 Canada Rendered Meals

F17/20 Panama dairy listings

F15/20 Caution against export of product with misleading information and claims [PDF, 167 KB]

F13/20 Authentication of documents for GCC markets – update 2 [PDF, 85 KB]

F12/20 Export and Import Certification during the COVID-19 Lockdown Period [PDF, 176 KB]

F10/20 Sri Lanka: restrictions on animal products and animal by-products because of Covid-19 [PDF, 83 KB]

F7/20 Cold storage of meat destined for export to China

F6/20 Proposed requirements for export of pet food to China

F4/20 Exporting plants, plant products, wine and organic products to the UK after Brexit on 31 January 2020 [PDF, 74 KB]

F3/20 Exporting animal products to the UK after Brexit on 31 January 2020

F2/20 China Pet food Listings

F53/19 Establishment Registration in the European Traces-NT system

F51/19 Exports of animal products to Mexico

F48/19 China Seafood Establishment Listings

F47/19 Viet Nam Meat and Seafood Listing Applications

F42/19 Indonesia - Halal Certification

F41/19 European Union Electronic Certification System Changes

F39/19 Indonesia: Meat Establishment Listing

F36/19 Certification of meat and meat products to Saudi Arabia

F23/19 New Caledonia: Lifting of import ban on Specified Dairy Products

F20/19 Exemptions from Domestic Food Standards [PDF, 165 KB]

F19/19 Viet Nam Cervine Audit Update

F16/19 Malaysia Review Audit October 201 [PDF, 153 KB]

F13/19 United Arab Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS) and Emirates Quality Mark (EQM)

F7/19 European Union: TRACES Attributes for Game Meat Certificates

F3/19 Wood Packaging used for Export [PDF, 151 KB]

F18/18 Thailand Meat Testing

F17/18 Safe Food for Canadians Act and Regulations? Information and Guidance [PDF, 474 KB]

F15/18 Viet Nam Green Runners

F13/18 China: Deer Velvet and Antler Veterinary Signatories List

F9/18 Nigeria Update for Containerised Cargo

F6/18 China Frozen Meat Temperature Labelling

F48/17 Rendered Animal Products to Indonesia

F46/17 Indonesia Microbiological Criteria for Processed Foods

F31/17 Eurasian Economic Union: Certificate Data

F23/17 Animal products from the European Union intended for re-export from New Zealand

F20/17 European Union: Air/Sea Transit via Singapore

F17/17 Indonesian Listing Requirements for Animal Products

F48/16 Guyana- Milk Powder Exports

F41/16 USA Food Safety Modernisation Act Rules: Information and Guidance

F39/15 Customs Union: EurAsian Conformity Mark (EAC)

F38/15 Export of Rendered Meal to Indonesia

F15/15 Indonesia: Approved Halal Organisation

F39/14 Audit by Indonesian's Majelis Ulama Council (MUI) Delayed

F30/13 Customs Union: Contaminants

F24/13 European Union: Catch Certificates - Catch Areas

F8/13 Guidance for Section 14 Limited Exemption from Risk Management Programme Requirement

F22-11 European Union: Catch Certificates

F15/11 Indonesia - Dairy Exports

F12/11 Declaration of Imported Components

F9/11 European Union: Catch Certificates

F7/11 Radionuclide Requirements - Dairy Material and Dairy Product imported from the United States of America

FD2/07 Copra as a Feed for Milking Animals

F3/03 Label Claims [PDF, 114 KB]

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