Iodine fortification of bread and bread products

Under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, bakers must use iodised salt in bread and bread products. Find out about this requirement.

Bread that requires iodised salt

Iodine is added to bread in the form of iodised salt. This is referred to as fortification.

Iodine fortification of bread became mandatory in 2009. Iodised salt must be used when making most bread except for:

  • organic bread
  • non-yeast-leavened bread
  • bread mixes.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) Food Standards Code

Guide to fortifying bread

We have a guide to fortifying bread for bakers, retailers, and food safety officers. It will help you interpret and apply the requirements.

The addition of folic acid and iodised salt to bread [PDF, 182 KB]

Labelling of iodine-fortified bread

Bread that is fortified with iodine needs to be labelled. If bread contains iodised salt, this must be included in the ingredients list.

Fortifying bread with iodine has health benefits

Adding iodised salt to bread:

  • helps increase the amount of iodine in your diet
  • prevents iodine deficiencies.

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Who to contact

If you have questions about iodine fortification, email

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