Codes of practice and guidance for dairy

MPI has developed several codes of practice (COPs) and other guidance documents to help you complete your dairy risk management programme (RMP) or food control plan (FCP).

Manufacturers may adopt a COP to show how they will comply with any technical requirements in their dairy RMP or FCP.

Find out which programme applies to you:

General guidance for dairy manufacturers

These documents apply to dairy manufacturing operations. You may want to consult these regularly.

Heat treatment

Read the COP and guidance to help you meet requirements for the design, construction and operation of equipment:

If you make a significant change to your dairy heat treatment equipment, you need to comply with specific requirements. Find out how to decide if the change is significant and what you need to do to comply:

Applying Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)

Get help to develop an HACCP plan for your dairy operation. 

Find out more about HACCP:

Water management plans

Developing a water management plan is one of the requirements of an RMP. Read how to meet the approved criteria for manufacturing dairy materials and products, set out in DPC3.

Find out how to develop a water management plan:

Design and construction of dairy premises

MPI’s guideline covers laying out your site and buildings, their design and construction, and requirements for your manufacturing equipment and the bulk transport of dairy products.

Find out how to meet the requirements for a registered RMP:

Guidance for manufacturing specific dairy products

Learn about preparing an RMP or FCP for the manufacture of yoghurt, ice-cream, cheeses, liquid milk or raw milk products:

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