Maintenance compounds used in dairy processing

Find out about the requirements that apply to the maintenance compounds (cleaning, maintenance, and hygiene products) you use when operating a farm dairy or processing dairy products.

What are dairy maintenance compounds?

Detergents, sanitisers, and other compounds used to clean or maintain dairy processing facilities and equipment are known as "dairy maintenance compounds" or DMCs. There are different requirements for DMCs, depending on where they’re used.

Requirements for farm dairies

Products used in farm dairies to clean, sanitise, or maintain the milking plant must be "approved" DMCs. These have been approved by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) for use in farm dairies, including the bulk milk tank.

The main point of using approved DMCs is to make sure cleaning and maintenance products don't contaminate the raw milk.

DMCs are approved under Regulation 24(1)(d) of the Animal Products (Dairy) Regulations:

Animal Products (Dairy) Regulations 2005, Regulation 24 – NZ Legislation

If your farm dairy operates under a risk management programme (RMP), the maintenance compounds you use in other areas must be "recognised".

Recognised DMCs:

  • have been assessed by MPI as suitable for use in or near dairy processing operations (except where approval is required)
  • must not come into direct contact with milking equipment.

DMCs are recognised under Regulation 30 of the Animal Products (Dairy) Regulations:

Animal Products (Dairy) Regulations 2005, Regulation 30 – NZ Legislation

Requirements for other dairy processing operations

Maintenance compounds used in dairy processing operations that are not farm dairy milking plants don't have to be approved or recognised. If you choose to use approved or recognised compounds, MPI will clearly outline how they can be used. This helps dairy RMP operators, evaluators, and verifiers.

Register of approved and recognised DMCs

MPI provides a register of all approved and recognised maintenance compounds, which we update regularly.

The register shows:

  • basic information about each product (supplier, name, type, and status)
  • any conditions that have been applied to a product to make sure it's used correctly.

Register of approved maintenance compounds (dairy) [XLSX, 971 KB]

Getting a DMC approved or recognised

If a DMC isn't already on the register, you can apply to have it approved or recognised. This procedure document explains how:

Procedure for approval or recognition of dairy maintenance compounds [PDF, 92 KB]

Application form

Use the PDF or Word form to apply for approval or recognition:

Who to contact

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