Safe barbecuing of food

Bacteria on food can multiply much faster in warmer weather. Find food safety tips for your next summer barbecue.

Take extra care in hot weather

In summer, you need to take special care when preparing, cooking, and storing food. The heat and moisture help germs to grow and spread more quickly. This increases your chance of getting food poisoning. To avoid getting sick, follow the clean, cook, chill rules.

More BBQ food safety tips

  • Make sure your barbecue and cooking tools have been cleaned with soap and water before using.
  • Have separate utensils, plates and other equipment for raw and cooked foods. If you only use one set, germs can spread from raw meats to cooked foods.
  • Do not place or prepare raw meat on the grill next to cooked or partly cooked meat or other ready-to-eat foods.
  • Do not let raw meat touch cooked food and ready-to-eat foods (like salads).
  • Pre-cook chicken, sausages and minced meat. Barbecue until meat is steaming hot (over 75°C) all the way through.
  • Turn food often so that it cooks evenly.
  • Marinate meat in a covered container in the fridge. Cook the marinade before pouring it over cooked foods.
  • Keep all food covered and cool until ready to cook or eat.

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