Funding for forestry research and innovation

If you’re involved in research or innovation in forestry or forestry-related areas, you may be able to access funding to help. Check out some of the programmes available.

Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures (SFF Futures) Programme

SFF Futures co-invests in innovative ideas for the food and fibre sectors, from the paddock, ocean, or forest to consumers.

Through SFF Futures, MPI can invest in grants from $100,000 to multi-million dollar, multi-year partnerships, and projects in-between.

SFF Futures is strongly rooted in sustainability and wellbeing, and aims to deliver long-term environmental, social, economic and cultural outcomes for New Zealand.

SFF Futures projects can include developing new products, technology and services, and boosting capability and environmental outcomes.

Applications are welcome from farmers, growers, businesses, researchers (including Crown Research Institutes), industry organisations, and community groups – anyone with a great idea for the food and fibre sectors.

SFF Futures is a co-investment fund, so you'll need to contribute some of the costs. SFF Futures’ contribution varies depending on the length and complexity of your project.

Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures

Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures - Guidelines for applicants [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change (SLMACC) Research Programme

The Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change (SLMACC) Research Programme helps the agriculture and forestry sectors with the challenges arising from climate change. It has an annual funding round which includes forestry research.

The SLMACC research programme aims to fund research into:

  • understanding impacts and supporting adaptation to climate change
  • reducing agricultural greenhouse gases
  • encouraging the establishment of forest sinks
  • managing deforestation
  • capitalising on new business opportunities arising from the world’s response to climate change.

The SLMACC research programme invests in targeted-basic, applied and policy research, across 5 themes:

  • the impacts of, and adaptation to climate change
  • mitigation of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions
  • enhancement of forest sinks
  • knowledge transfer/extension
  • policy research to address targeted policy questions
  • cross-cutting issues, including economic analysis, life-cycle analysis, farm, catchment and systems analysis and social impacts.

2019-2020 funding round

The round opened on 10 May and closed on 14 June 2019.

The theme topics were:

  • Research Theme 1: Impacts of climate change and adaptation
  • Research Theme 2: Extension of climate change research

Sustainable Land Management And Climate Change (SLMACC) Research Programme

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