Resources for adverse events

Adverse events include natural disasters, severe weather, and biosecurity incursions.

General resources

Managing through tough times – flyer [PDF, 1.5 MB]

FarmsOnLine – directory of farms for use in emergencies or biosecurity alerts

Get Ready, Get Thru website

How you can get help

Government assistance for climatic events and natural disasters impacting on-farm [PDF, 361 KB]

Beef+Lamb NZ


Federated Farmers


Farming through 2020 drought [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Dealing with drought conditions

Drought in a changing climate [PDF, 368 KB]

Meeting the challenges – Key points for getting through droughts [PDF, 362 KB]

Extreme dry fact sheet – Beef+Lamb website

Drought advice – DairyNZ website

Agriseeds – Managing pasture through drought

2012/13 drought – Assessment and historical perspective [PDF, 3.4 MB]

Dry conditions and primary production 70 year view [PDF, 2.9 MB]


Kaikōura Earthquake – information and resources

Kaikōura Earthquakes available support and assistance [PDF, 180 KB]


Dealing with flood conditions

Advice for floods – DairyNZ website

Dealing with floods – DairyNZ website

Decision tree for flood damaged farms – DairyNZ website

Pasture renovation after flooding – DairyNZ website

Salt water inundation – technical advice from the Waikato Regional Council [PDF, 400 KB]


Planning for animals in emergencies


Dealing with trees damaged by storms [PDF, 400 KB]

Weathering the storm – planning for a storm and storm recovery [PDF, 523 KB]

Volcanic eruptions

Impact of a volcanic eruption on agriculture and forestry in New Zealand [PDF, 641 KB]

Volcanic eruption: Impacts and hazard mitigation for NZ primary production [PDF, 658 KB]

Food safety in an emergency

Food safety in adverse events

Civil emergency advice for manufacturers under risk management and food safety programmes [DOCX, 793 KB]

Donations of food from commercial sources [PDF, 324 KB]

During an emergency: Minimise food and water spoilage [DOCX, 793 KB]

Reopening a food business after a power cut or civil emergency – checklist [DOCX, 797 KB]

Simplified Chinese – Reopening a food business after an emergency – checklist [DOCX, 794 KB]

Food safety guidance for preparing food for large groups during an emergency [DOCX, 794 KB]

Simplified Chinese – Food safety guidance on preparing food during an emergency [DOCX, 797 KB]

Tips for safe food during and after an emergency [PDF, 214 KB]

Korean – Tips for safe food during and after an emergency [DOCX, 794 KB]

What to do if your food business is without a gas supply [DOCX, 794 KB]

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