International greenhouse gas research (ERA-GAS)

ERA-GAS is a funding programme managed by the European Commission and co-funded by MPI as part of the Global Research Alliance. It was set up to aid research into monitoring and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from farming and forestry.

ERA-GAS is a multi-national programme

The ERA-GAS funding programme involves many countries and is worth about NZD$21.6 million. Funding is provided mostly by the countries participating in the project.

MPI has contributed NZD$1.25 million to assist New Zealand researchers involved in the programme.

Research focus

ERA-GAS research focuses on 4 themes:

  • Theme 1: Improving the monitoring, reporting and verification of emissions.
  • Theme 2: Fine-tuning and assisting with the implementation of greenhouse gas mitigation technologies.
  • Theme 3: Creation of profitable production systems that increase production while reducing overall emissions.
  • Theme 4: Assessment of existing policy and economic measures.

New Zealand supports research in themes 1, 2 and 4.

Process and key dates

Pre-proposal stage – completed
Call opens 5 March 2016
First teleconference on NZ participation 10 March 2016
Second teleconference on NZ participation 17 March 2016
Deadline for submitting pre-proposals to ERA-GAS portal 29 April 2016
Full proposals
Outcome of pre-proposals announced 19 September 2016
Deadline of submission of full proposals to MPI – to get funding letter 24 November 2016
NZST 17:00
Deadline for submission of full proposals to ERA-GAS portal 1 December 2016
CET 14:00
Funding outcomes announced May 2017
Expected start date of projects August 2017
End date for NZ participation in projects 30 June 2020

Find out more

Read the ERA-GAS website

Who to contact

If you have questions about the Global Research Alliance and MPI's involvement, email

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