Sustainable Farming Fund projects

The Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF) has supported many community-led projects over the past 18 years. Here you'll find a selection of some of them, as well as successful applicants from the past 2 years.

SFF Main and SFF Tere closed to new applications

The Sustainable Farming Fund has been replaced by Sustainable Food & Fibre (SFF) Futures.

Sustainable Farming Fund

The Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF) supports applied research and projects led by farmers, growers, and foresters. In 2018, MPI provided SFF Tere to support investment in smaller SFF projects.

Dairy, sheep, and beef

image of dairy cow

Dairy facial eczema an underrated issue [PDF, 269 KB]

Facing up to facial eczema [PDF, 843 KB]

Exploring fresh ways to safeguard against mastitis at dry off [PDF, 665 KB]

Dairying and peat soils – Rural Delivery website

Bovine disease can be wiped out [PDF, 1.1 MB]


Horticulture and viticulture

image of grapes

AvoVantage: Managing avocado quality [PDF, 419 KB]

Saving grapevines from trunk diseases [PDF, 757 KB]

Utilising laser scanning in horticulture [PDF, 798 KB]

Bye bye beetle [PDF, 233 KB]


Arable cropping

Agronomic solutions for fodder beet: Defining good management practices [PDF, 2.6 MB]

Test nitrogen strips a cheap solution for soil testing case study [PDF, 277 KB]

Controlling crop contamination [PDF, 552 KB]

Systems fodder beet: Managing the inputs [PDF, 998 KB]


Land management and climate change

Bringing diversity back to Wairarapa Moana [PDF, 2 MB]

Planting for bees a win for all case study [PDF, 356 KB]

Miss McRae’s dream: Sustainable hill country farming [PDF, 2.6 MB]

Adapting dryland farming to climate change [PDF, 4.6 MB]

Dairying and peat soils – Rural Delivery website

Getting to the heart of coast redwood durability [PDF, 296 KB]


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