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Aircraft border clearance

Every day, aircraft fly to New Zealand bringing cargo and passengers. But the aircraft themselves can bring unwanted pests and diseases to New Zealand. MPI's role is to help aircraft operators and pilots meet our biosecurity requirements.

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I tēnei wāhanga

New aircraft arrival requirements from May 2021

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) would like to thank all who provided feedback during the consultation period on the proposed amendments for Aircraft from All Countries Craft Risk Management Standard (CRMS)

MPI has considered and responded to all feedback received:

Review of submissions: Aircraft from All Countries CRMS [PDF, 348 KB]

The main changes are:

  • definition of an “International Transit Aircraft” no longer specifies an 8-hour turnaround time. The requirements now include a scheduled time and date of departure, and requirements for all contamination and risk goods that remain onboard
  • definition of “securely stored” has been incorporated into the CRMS
  • minor wording and formatting changes.

Aircraft from All Countries CRMS [PDF, 280 KB]

What this import process is for

This import process is for aircraft arriving in New Zealand under their own power, including:

  • charter planes
  • courier planes
  • commercial airlines
  • corporate planes
  • private aircraft
  • military aircraft.

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Who to contact

If you spot a live organism in the plane while flying to New Zealand notify MPI via the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) or airport operator.

In case of an emergency notify the CAA or the airport.

If you have questions about bringing your aircraft to New Zealand: