Containers and cargo border clearance

If you import containers into New Zealand, you must meet biosecurity requirements. This prevents pests and diseases from getting into the country. Find out the requirements and fees for importing containers and cargo into NZ.

UPDATE – 21 APRIL 2021

Container reporting changes coming in July

We're continuing to firm up our plans to introduce full reporting of sea container movements by transitional facilities (TFs). If everything goes to schedule, a new system will be in place by July 2021.

TFs currently only report on contaminated containers, which amounts to some 2% to 10% of the traffic entering their grounds. Reporting on all containers will improve traceability, help assess TF performance, and allow us to act quickly when things go wrong.

The reporting system will be modified

Our initial plan is to modify the existing TF reporting system (the Container Check Portal) to allow additional reporting. This will be an interim solution until more substantial changes are made to our border information technology under the Quansuite replacement project over the next couple of years.

The information we will get from the interim reporting will increase our understanding of issues relating to unauthorised container movements, a current biosecurity concern. It will also provide insights that will help us develop the final reporting tool.

Under the new reporting approach:

  • TFs will need to submit inspection results within 24 hours
  • officers will follow up any non-compliant container movements identified from the reporting.

Reference group will be set up

The project team is setting up a reference group of external stakeholders to ensure we fully understand the needs of industry. We want to work together with industry and other interested parties to make sure we get things right.

Information on this website will be updated as the project progresses.

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