Consultation on international standards

Find out more about consultations on International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) standards and how to make submissions.

New Zealand is an influential voice

New Zealand's strong reputation for offering rational, science-and-risk-based submissions makes us influential in the development of fair international standards. This helps protect our own biodiversity while supporting market access for our animal-based export industries.

Submissions process on IPPC standards

The IPPC takes topics from its standard setting work programme to develop into International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs). Following approval by the IPPC's Standards Committee, draft ISPMs are sent to member countries for consultation.

MPI sends the draft ISPMs, along with a comment template, to experts both within and outside of MPI and other government departments. Anyone else can comment as well, but their input must be sent to MPI by the deadline for collation into a single submission.

Consultations open on 1 July and end on 30 November every year.

Consultation documents

For copies of the draft standards and comments template, email

They are also available on the IPPC website.

Making a submission

Comments can only be submitted to the IPPC through the official New Zealand NPPO Contact Point.

Email your comments to either:

Submissions process on OIE standards

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) sets international standards and member countries agree to follow them. The standards ensure that animals and animal products can be traded safely without the risk of spreading animal diseases, or diseases that can affect humans (zoonoses).

Standards are published on the OIE website:

Standard reviews and development

The standards are reviewed and revised on an on-going basis by specialist commissions. Twice a year, proposed revisions or new standards are circulated for comment to the 180 member countries, including New Zealand. This gives us the chance to scrutinise and assess the technical basis for the proposed changes.

MPI sends the proposed texts to New Zealand experts inside and outside of MPI, and to other stakeholders such as industry groups and other government departments. Anyone else can comment, but all comments must be collated into a single submission and sent back to the OIE by the permanent delegate for New Zealand, Mr Tony Zohrab.

Who to contact

For copies of proposed standards and New Zealand's comments on them, email either:

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