Pacific style, hand woven or tapa cloth mats

New biosecurity requirements mean there are changes for those wishing to bring Pacific style, hand woven or tapa cloth mats into New Zealand.

Before you leave

Due to the nature of the materials used in Pacific-style mats, they can easily carry unwanted pests and seeds.

You will need to properly clean and check your mat for insects or seeds before packing to come to New Zealand. Declare Pacific-style mats on your Passenger Arrival Card so they can be inspected on arrival.

Can I have my mat inspected or treated before I travel?

Yes, however, an overseas inspection or treatment provider will need to provide a phytosanitary certificate that details the item and inspection or treatment undertaken.

About treatment

Treatment may be required by the exporting country prior to importing mats into New Zealand. For mats requiring treatment prior to export, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) recommends fumigation with methyl bromide at 32 g/m3 for for 24 hours at 21°C and above at normal atmospheric pressure.

If any live insects, seeds or other biosecurity risk items are found during your mat inspection in New Zealand, the mat will be sent away for treatment.

In Auckland, the total cost of treatment would be at least $34 (subject to change) not including delivery. This cost covers a minimum $15 packaging and handling fee, and a minimum $19 treatment fee.

If you plan to bring your mat through airports other than Auckland, we advise contacting MPI to get a quote as costs can vary significantly.

Expect delays

Please be aware that you may be delayed when bringing a Pacific-style mat to New Zealand due to the time taken to inspect.

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