Requirement documents for importing farm animals

A list of requirement documents you need to meet when importing farm animals.


7 August 2017: The IHS for buffalo and cattle from Australia suspended

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has suspended the Import Health Standard: Buffalo and Cattle from Australia (bovanic.aus) that allows for the importation of live cattle from Australia. The suspension is precautionary. MPI has no evidence that live cattle were the source of the Mycoplasma bovis situation and is still investigating the source. However, live cattle are recognised to present the greatest risk for introduction of Mycoplasma bovis internationally.  The suspension means that there will be no live cattle imports allowed from Australia until further notice. The suspension will remain in force while the ministry reviews current science and the requirements in the standard with regards to Mycoplasma bovis. There have been advances in testing technology and also the understanding of Mycoplasma bovis since the rules were set. MPI wants to ensure the most appropriate measures are in place to address this risk going forward.

Find out about the Mycoplasma bovis situation

30 January 2019: No imports of alpacas and llamas from Australia and the USA

While Australia and the USA are approved countries for the importation of alpacas and llamas,  there are currently no approved tests for Q fever. Until a validated test for Q fever in camelids has been approved by MPI, no imports of alpacas or llamas into New Zealand are possible.

About Q fever – World Organisation for Animal Health

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