Customary fisheries management areas

Whether you're a commercial, recreational or customary fisher, it's important to be aware of different customary fisheries management areas and any local fishing rules. Find lists and details of mātaitai reserves, taiāpure, temporary closures and customary bylaw areas.

Types of customary management areas

Customary management areas include:

  • mātaitai reserves – areas closed to commercial fishing, that may have bylaws affecting recreational and customary fishing
  • taiāpure – local fisheries of special significance, that may have additional fishing rules
  • temporary closures – issued under sections 186A or 186B of the Fisheries Act 1996
  • customary bylaw areas – currently only in the Waikato-Tainui area.

Check the rules before you fish

Before you go fishing, make sure you're aware of the different customary management areas, any local rules, and your obligations as a fisher.

View all customary management areas

For maps of all customary fisheries management areas, use NABIS — our interactive online mapping tool. Select 'Customary Areas' in the NABIS layer list.

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