Legislation for seafood processing

Find seafood food safety legislation, including specifications, notices, and standards.

Specifications and notices

Bivalve molluscan shellfish

If you are involved with bivalve molluscan shellfish on marine or land-based farms or in the wild and subject to a regulated control scheme use the:

Animal Products Notice: Regulated Control Scheme – Bivalve Molluscan Shellfish for Human Consumption [PDF, 874 KB]

Products intended for human consumption

This notice applies to:

  • operators who process animal material and animal product for human consumption under risk management programmes
  • suppliers of animal material to those operators.

Animal Products Notice: Specifications for Products Intended for Human Consumption [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Fish product for export

This notice specifies the requirements that apply to all:

  • fish product intended for export with an official assurance
  • processors of fish product for export with an official assurance.

Animal Products (Fish Export Processing Requirements) Notice 2011 [PDF, 59 KB]

Recognised agencies and persons

This notice specifies the requirements that apply to recognised agencies and persons responsible for providing:

  • verification
  • other services to animal product businesses regulated under the Act (except for dairy processors).

Animal Products (Recognised Agencies and Persons Specifications) Notice 2015 [PDF, 343 KB]

Limited processing fishing vessels

If you operate a limited processing fishing vessel and export seafood directly from your vessel use:

Animal Products (Specifications for Limited Processing Fishing Vessels) Notice 2005 [PDF, 264 KB]

Animal Products (Regulated Control Scheme – Limited Processing Fishing Vessels) Regulations 2001

Contaminant specifications and exemptions

Find contaminant specifications for animal material and animal products intended for human consumption:

Animal Products Notice: Contaminant Specifications [PDF, 864 KB]

Find exemptions from specified animal material and products from the "Animal Products Notice: Contaminant Specifications" for specified levels of contaminants for export to countries:

Animal Products Notice: Contaminant Specifications 60b Exemption [PDF, 218 KB]

Contaminant monitoring and surveillance

Contaminant sampling regimes, and competent person and laboratory requirements, for MPI's National Chemical Residues Programme are in the:

Animal Products Notice: Contaminant Monitoring and Surveillance [PDF, 223 KB]

E-cert fees

Fees are payable by the non-dairy animal product industry for use of MPI's E-cert system. The fees are based on the formula prescribed under the Animal Products (Fees, Charges and Levies) Regulations 2007 and are in the:

Animal Products Notice: Electronic Certification System Costs – Non-dairy Animal Product Industry [PDF, 174 KB]

Labelling requirements and names of fish

This document lists common, te reo Māori, and scientific names of fish and seafood. These names are used on labels for food for human consumption:

New Zealand list of scientific names of fish [PDF, 205 KB]

Find fish names and labelling fish for NZ and export markets

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