Auckland fruit fly investigation – controls on produce movements now in place

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Biosecurity New Zealand has now placed legal controls on the movement of fruit and vegetables in the Auckland suburb of Devonport.

The move follows the detection of a single male Queensland fruit fly in a surveillance trap in the area.

A detailed map of the controlled area and a full description of the boundaries and rules concerned is at

The Controlled Area has two zones – A and B. No whole fresh fruit and vegetables (except for leafy vegetable, root vegetables) can be moved outside of Zone A. This applies to all this produce regardless of where it was purchased or grown. The restrictions for Zone B only apply to fruit and vegetables grown within the Zone B area. These cannot be moved out of the Controlled Area.

“These legal controls are an important precaution while we investigate whether there are any further fruit flies present,” Biosecurity NZ spokesperson Dr Catherine Duthie says.

“Should there be any more flies out there, this will help prevent their spread out of the area.

“We are working closely with our Government Industry Agreement partners in the horticultural industry. They appreciate this will be inconvenient for the many people living in and around the Controlled Area, but compliance with these restrictions is a critical precaution to protect our horticultural industries, home gardens and our New Zealand way of life.

“It is likely the restrictions will be in place for at least a couple of weeks.”

Biosecurity New Zealand personnel are busy in the field today extending the trapping network and distributing information to households in the area. In addition, road signs will soon be visible warning people of the restrictions.

A programme of advertising starts in print, radio and digital media tomorrow.

Report suspected finds of the Queensland fruit fly to MPI’s Pest and Diseases Hotline 0800 80 99 66.

Details about the Controlled Area Notice:

No fruit and vegetables (other than leafy or root vegetables and cooked, processed, preserved, dried, frozen and canned fruit) can be moved from Zone A of the Controlled Area.

In addition, compost and green waste from gardens cannot be moved out of this Zone.

Residents in Zone A are asked to avoid composting fruits and vegetables. For disposing of fruit and vegetable waste, they are encouraged to use a sink waste disposal unit if possible or bins provided by Biosecurity New Zealand. These bins will be delivered shortly and residents advised of their location.

For Zone B – no fruit and vegetables grown in the Zone can be moved out of the Controlled Area. Produce that has been sourced commercially from outside the area can be moved.

Check out the Queensland fruit fly page for further information.

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